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Analysis: Bleeding Americans Dry: The Role of Big Hospital Corporations in Driving Our Nation’s Health Care Affordability and Quality Crisis

Thu, September, 15th, 2022

By Sophia Tripoli, Frederick Isasi, Eliot Fishman

This is the second resource in Families USA’s People First Care Initiative.

The major strategy in hospitals’ current business model is to generate profit by buying up other hospitals and doctor’s offices to become large corporate health care systems that maximize service volumes and increase health care prices. The financial incentives of this business model are costly, and wasteful and are in direct conflict with ensuring that consumers and patients have the best health and affordable health care they deserve.

This paper, the second in the series, lays out the profound misalignment between hospitals’ business models and ensuring affordable, high-quality health care for our nation’s families, and lays out key policy solutions.


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